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March 10th 2023

Here I will post resources that has helped me throughout the years. I hope they help everyone out in the way they have helped me!

  • Themes! Made by Repth
  • I used all themes made by this person for my neocities! Epileptic Friendly!!!!

  • Chaos Matrix
  • Chaos Matrix is a collection of texts from various forms on the internet for free, mainly pertaining in chaos magick

  • Free books! And other things! Also has the wayback machine!

  • Trinary: The Magick Web-App
  • Sigil Generator and a few other things as well. Great for on the go!

  • Notion
  • An amazing, cross platform, customizeable note app. I use mine to maintain finances, social life, and other things as well!

  • Astrolabe
  • This free astrology birth chart service may not be used for commercial purposes. Feel free to look around the website for more info!

  • r/occult
  • Say what you want about reddit, this subreddit has a few good posts here and there. I automatically sorted it for all time top posts so you won't have to dig for the good shit

  • Zlib login
  • Zlibary single login. Enjoy The Free Books!