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My Heritage

I got bored again and I made a post about my heritage here

My Wife

I've made a small dedication to my life partner. If anyone would like to view, they can do so here

About Me Est. 1997

I grew up moving between place to place, with no one culture of each city or town sticking with me for long. We went from Rust belt city after city, small towns in Texas, and a few other places. The place we stayed at for long periods of time was a small rural town near the Gulf Of Mexico. There, we experienced summer storms and early morning breezes coming from the salt water of the gulf.

I eventually went back to the Rust Belt and started working graveyard shifts at a local factory. Here I started to notice signs Nyx was leaving me. I felt safety in her darkness. I knew Hera and Nyx worked together to protect me at night.

Hestia has blessed me with a wonderful home,

Eris has blessed me with goals to strive for,

Hera has blessed me with a glorious marriage,

and Nyx has blessed me with protection under her

I have been blessed by them all and I know the future is filled with the blessings they give and the challenges they give me! May this blog be a dedication to them.

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